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Reasons to Visit Dubai this Holiday

Posted on 04 January 2018 by admin (0)

Dubai is a dynamic global destination that is well grown and famous. Situated in the southwest of the Arabian Gulf, this great city is celebrated for its stunning coastline, futuristic design, beautiful attractions, all year-round sunshine among others. Although it is open to welcoming tourists, it should be noted that the Islamic ways should be should be respected. The city has thorough law and order enforcement procedures that guarantee the safety of visitors. With easy accessibility and good infrastructure, Dubai is the place to visit for business purposes too.  Here are six reasons why you should visit Dubai for your next holiday.

Glamorous Hotels.

The city takes pride in having some of the most ostentatious hotels in the world. Most of the hotels in Dubai are 4 or 5-star. Moreover, the city has the impressive seven-star Burj Al Arab. If you want to share a room with an aquarium that has marine life, visit the Atlantis hotel on The Palm. Although it is still majorly under construction, Dubai is a city that demands attention. From premium to standard budgets, you will get hotel services that meet your needs and budget.   

Amazing Skyline.

Whether you’re downtown around Burj Khalifa or at Marina, you will enjoy the exclusive view in Dubai. The city has many skyscrapers that make the cityscape amazing. Make this city your travel destination and enjoy the pretty amazing view.

Tallest Building in the World.

Dubai has superstructures and its Burj Khalifa is the tallest in the world. Who doesn’t wish to climb the tallest building in the world? Definitely no one. The 830 meters high building can give you a clear view that is worth the entry fee. You will be able to watch the sunset over the Arabian Gulf.

Shopper’s Paradise.

Dubai is a city that offers a shopping experience like no other. This is because it is a tax-free city. The city has many shops, malls, and designer boutiques. From budget brands to designer labels, be sure to find your desired goods in this city. Moreover, the city has a month-long shopping festival with giveaways where shoppers have the chance to win cars.

Multi-cultural Melting Pot.

While some cities such as New York and London are famous for their cultural diversity, Dubai is a city that takes diversity to a new level. The city has approximately 85% of its population expats. This creates a high level of cultural interaction rarely seen in other cities. Visiting the city will give a new experience that you may not get anywhere else.

You’ll Never Be Bored.

Dubai has a vast of forms of entertainment that can make you enjoy your trip. If you wonder whether you can ski in Dubai, The Mall of the Emirates has an indoor ski slope for you. You can also chill around the beach as you drink the excellent local cocktail. While you can spread the activities to do on your visit, you will still have something new to enjoy on your next visit.

Unique architecture

Can you believe the city had never built four decades ago? Anyway, that is the plain truth. As at now, the Dubai skyline has many skyscrapers uniquely designed by experienced architects. Dubai does everything in style. The buildings in this city come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.